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    Anhui Huamao Textile Stock Co., Ltd. is a listed company established in the way of collecting, which is initiated solely by Anhui Huamao Group Co., Ltd. In October 1998, the stock of the company has been listed in Shenzhen Exchange. Currently, the company has over 6000 employees, of which there are 248 technicians with junior, medium or senior professional titles and 32 worker technicians. By the end of 2001, the company had already owned total assets of one billion RMB, 180,000 spindles, 2,540,000 doubling spindles, 3584 sets of rotor spinning machines, 1600 sets of looms and many world-advanced automatic cone winding machines, double twisters, doubling machines, sizing machines and air-jet looms. It is ISO9001: 2000 certified.

    Anhui Huapeng Textile Co., Ltd. is a modern textile enterprise invested jointly by two listed companies---Huamao and Shenzhen Textile. The company is located in Anhui Anqing Development Zone with a total investment of 70,000,000 RMB. It has the most advanced doubling and double twisting equipment in the world. The production line of gassing, mercerizing and dyeing, which the company introduced in 2002, is the currently most advanced production line in China and has the annual production capacity of 3600 tons of 10s/2----160s/2 pure cotton, blended thread, 1000 tons of JC120s/2O gassed yarn, 1000 tons of mercerized raw white yarn, and 1000 tons of dyed yarn. Adopting high-quality cotton yarn of Huamao, relying on first-class equipment and strict management, the company will provide high-quality cotton thread, gassed yarn, mercerized yarn and gassed mercerized dyed yarn for its customers to meet the demand of knitting, weaving and stocking knitting industry for high-grade mercerized yarn.

    Anqing Fangrun Industry Corporation is a subsidiary company with full investment of Anhui Huamao Group Co., Ltd. It is a comprehensive economic entity engaged in many industries such as construction, transportation, printing, packaging, medical care, early childhood education, bathroom, dining, hotel, commerce, cotton spinning technique consultation, property management, etc. The company has a registered capital of 38,522,600 RMB and 965 registered employees, of which 48 employees have medium- and high professional title and 96 employees have junior professional title. In 2001, Fangrun created a sales income of 37730,000 RMB and profit tax of 4,345,800 RMB.

    Anqing Huayong Textile Co., Ltd. is a Chinese-foreign joint venture established in July 2002 with a total investment of 14,000,000 RMB and a registered capital of 1,200,000 dollars. Currently, it has 800 sets of looms and can annually produce 17,000,000 meters of pure cotton, polyester cotton, various fiber blended gray goods and medium- and high-grade garment fabrics of a width of 140 centimeters. Our company always insists on the operational concept of taking market as guide, focusing on quality and constantly meet the needs of customers. By following the scent of international advanced managing concepts and aims, we have improved the company?ˉs technical and management level further and acquired ISO9001: 2000 approval. We are looking forward to holding business talk with foreign or domestic friends and seeking for common development.


    Anhui Fenghua Textile. Co., Ltd. is jointly invested and founded by Anhui Huamao Textile Stock Co., Ltd. and Hong Kong Fengshida Investment Co., Ltd. with a total investment of 9,800,000 dollars and a registered capital of 5,000,000 dollars. Its main equipments are the 120 sets of Tsudakoma air-jet looms, whose complementary equipments all are the imported advanced type. The company has been appraised ?°The Enterprise with Advanced Technology?± by Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation. It can annually produce over 7,400,000 meters of the gray goods with broad width, high density and high technical difficulty. Its main products include: down-proof fabric, anti-electrostatic fabric, middy twill, elastic cloth, etc.

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