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  With the coming of the new century, a colorful new world opens out in front of our eyes. Informationization, knowledgization, internationalization, new technology, new talent and new mechanism all come to us like spring wind. Everything is new. Everything is calling innovation.
Innovation is the drive for the evolution of life.
Only by ai
ming at innovation can we adjust ourselves constantly and realize the sustainable harmony of individual and environment. Only by innovating unremittingly can we strengthen the vigor of our human body constantly and face the challenges and pressure ahead at leisure.
  At the begin
ning of the new century, Huamao people establish innovation as our own survival concept and development concept. We will strive to innovate technology, product, organization and management, bring the efficiency of resources and the potential of people into full play, and realize the best state of the combination of matter and matter, matter and people, people and people, and people and environment. While all of these practices will construct the brand new enterprise value of Huamao and will be the key drive and essential guarantee for the success of Huamao.
  Innovation will make the youth eternal.
  New Huamao is in new century. Innovation will make us young forever.

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